Canal Place 2
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Please check the bulletin boards located in the building for current notices. Please contact us if you have ideas that you'd like to suggest for our website. Check back for additions.

Canal Place II Trustees

Building Updates March 2015

Annual Meeting
Watch this space for announcement of or Our Annual Meeting, which will be held in the lobby at the entrance to the garage on the third floor..

CP2 Owners, pleas plan to attend. We will be discussing progress with building improvements as well as current and future plans and projects. Your input is welcomed and appreciated.

Graphic Renderings of Canal Place II improvements:

Canal Place II - proposed front entrance
New front door, rebuilt walls
Canal Place II Lobby
Canal Place II lobby
3rd Floor Garage Lobby
3rd Floor Garage Lobby

House Work
Any resident wanting to take the initiative and help out with projects in the building is more than welcome and highly encouraged to do so!  The only requirement to do this is communication.  The Trustees ask that you inform them BEFORE you start work for two reasons.  (1) We may already have a plan in place for whatever the project is (2) We’d need to come up with a reimbursement plan.  No projects will be approved or reimbursed if they’re done without permission.

Board of Trustees Meetings
As always, board meetings are open to any owner who would like to attend. The Board meets once a month on a regular basis. Please call or email a trustee to check the date and location of the next meeting.

Front Door Intercom
If you need to add or change your name on the list, please contact Roberta Bloom.

Elevator Maintenance and Inspection
We have a contract with New Hampshire Elevator Company to grease, adjust and inspect for problems on a regular basis.

We currently have no facility to recycle cardboard, glass or plastic. Recyclable bottles, of course, can be returned to the market and there is a paper recycling bin in the mailroom.

Heat and AC Unit Maintenance
It has been suggested that the filters in the heat/AC units in your units be replaced every 30 days for efficiency in the winter and to prevent the filters from collecting undue amounts of condensation in the summer.

Roof Leaks
The Owners Association will arrange to repair ceilings in units that have suffered water damage from the leaky roofs. If you have damage, please speak to a trustee so that your unit gets on the list.

Pet Rules
No pet can be off leash at any time in the public spaces in our building. There is a leash law in Lowell as well. Dog owners are responsible for picking up after their dogs. If you see anyone violating these rules, please let a trustee know. Violators will be fined.

Questions and Concerns
If you have a question or a problem that needs attention, please contact a Trustee by e-mail or dial 999 from the front door intercom phone if you have an emergency.



Roberta Bloom

Paula Stark

Craig Vacca

Seth Wilpan


Canal Place II Owners Association
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